RentalPassport ™: Another step closer to home.

Available 1st September 2020.

A new product has just been launched which aims to give you more control when searching for a new home to rent. RentalPassport™, from LegalforLandlords, provides any potential landlord or letting agent with the assurance that you’re serious, financially sound and likely to prove a good tenant.

RentalPassport™ turns the typical rental process on its head. Traditionally, would-be renters view a property and then, if they’re interested, their details are scrutinised as part of a tenant referencing procedure. With RentalPassport™, all your relevant information is gathered upfront with any previous landlord references, employment history to give a snapshot before being verified. It isn’t specific to an individual property but to you. It’s your document. With a validity of 90 days, it should give you more than enough time to find your ideal new home.

One of the key advantages of RentalPassport™ is that before arranging a viewing, the landlord or letting agent knows that issues such as affordability are sorted and that they would be interested in letting a property to you. Therefore, having a RentalPassport™ puts you in a stronger position when demand is high and can help speed the whole process of securing your new home. By proving that you are responsible and worthy of a landlord’s trust, you’ll stand out compared to others in the property hunt. It can even contribute to improving your credit rating*.

LegalforLandlords have developed a product which has benefits all round. Letting agents and landlords love having reliable, upfront information. You love the fact that you’re being proactive and in control of your credentials. What’s more, you’ll have the choice to join RentalCommunity, a free online hub which gives you access to high street discounts, deposit replacement schemes and so much more.

LegalforLandlords say that the new RentalPassport™ moves tenants another step closer to home. By putting you in control, giving you a head start and helping you to save on the essentials, it’s a great way to make your next move.

For more information and to be notified when you can apply (from 1st September 2020), email or call LegalforLandlords on 0344 567 4001.

*Feature coming soon.