How it works

Having a RentalPassport™ puts you in a stronger position and speeds up the process of securing your new home.

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If you’re the perfect tenant, you should stand out from the crowd. Like a job applicant with a great CV, filling out a RentalPassport™ will prove that you’re serious about renting.

Capturing all the information a landlord or letting agent needs before arranging a viewing, having a RentalPassport™ speeds up the entire viewing and renting process and gets you ahead of the competition. Quicker viewings. Quicker move-ins.

Plus, once it’s done, it’s done – however many properties you want to view.*

All we need from you is your viewing availability, some basic information and a form of identification for a preliminary reference check. Now you’re armed with a handy document that sets you apart from other prospects.

What’s more…

You’ll have the option to join RentalCommunity, a free online hub for renters packed with discounts, incentives and ways to secure fantastic deals on insurance, utilities and deposit replacement schemes.

You’ll be able to improve your credit rating with very little effort. Simply pay your rent on time. Your credit improves when you pay by card and pay your bills, so why not when you pay your rent? It will do soon.

You’re responsible, reliable, trustworthy

RentalPassport™ proves it.

  • Rent and view properties faster

  • Free access to RentalCommunity
  • Improve your credit rating
  • Discount and loyalty rewards at over 60 retailers including Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Amazon and Boots

  • Track your property viewings in one place
  • Purchase Tenants Contents Insurance

  • Setup Deposit Replacement Insurance

Create your RentalPassport™ FREE here

* Valid for 90 days