Rental Passport | A simpler way of tennant referencing
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Lighten your load

a simpler way of referencing

The applicant knows all their details. You don’t.

We’ve made referencing as simple as we can, but we’re sure you’d like us to make it even simpler. You need to collect, collate and complete a lot of information provided by the applicant, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot that there’s a step in that chain which could be removed. instead of getting the potential tenant to fill in your forms, why not get them to fill in ours? They can input their details directly into our myNative referencing system, and even better, you can ask them to pay the fee. We call it the Rental Passport.

It’s much quicker than emailing or posting forms and far more likely to be problem free. However careful you are, it’s still easy to make a mistake when you’re processing someone else’s facts and figures. Why spend your time checking info when the applicant could be doing the work?

You’re not paying, the tenant’s doing the work, and the process is simple. What’s not to like?

Save time, save money, save hassle.

Rental Passport puts your applicant at the heart of the referencing process, leaving you to get on with the things that move your business forward. You won’t be uploading wage slips, the applicant will. You won’t be providing the evidence of their right to rent, they will. And, in this case, because they’re the customer, we’ll keep them informed of progress.

You’ll know how keen they are to secure the tenancy if they crack on with the job. You’ll know the type of relationship you’ll have if they agree to share the results.

How it works.

There is a tiny bit of effort required from you. We’ll need you to complete some
basic facts about the property and the applicant. Once that’s done the system
will take over, emailing your applicant and asking for payment. Once we’ve
received the payment, we’ll crack on, getting the necessary facts from them and investigating everything from their credit history and employment to references from their existing or previous landlords. The applicant chooses whether to let you know about the decision. If they okay it, you’ll be updated and receive a copy our final report.

Ready to lighten the load?

Talk to us about the Rental Passport. it’s the same thorough reference, but it could save you a whole load of time, money and effort. Call us now on 0333 577 9050.